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Have you been midway through delivering a project and suddenly realize everybody is not on the same page?

Perhaps there are managers suddenly answering questions about the change incorrectly.

Perhaps there is a lot of employee confusion and frustration about the project.

Perhaps you are responsible for managing a change that is challenging to implement or has negative consequences.

Here is a quick assessment that documents critical people-related information about a change. Ensure your project team and sponsor are aligned first, and then consider your communication approach for your key stakeholders.

Initial Change Assessment

  • What is changing? What will stay the same?
  • What are the reasons for this change?
  • How does this change align with the business strategy?
  • What is the intended outcome(s) of this change?
  • Is there a risk of not changing?
  • What is the timing of this change?
  • What is the gap between future state and today?
  • Who is impacted and how?

This list may need to be completed multiples times during the project as more information is understood and decisions are made. These are common questions on the minds of your stakeholders and customers and they often look for this information in change communications.

We recommend using our change management tools and system to ensure a successful change for your team.



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